Art Insurance

About AXA Art
Founded in 1987, AXA Art is the only insurance company, specializing in insuring art and collectibles globally, AXA Art offers tailor-made solutions for private and corporate collections, museums, art galleries and exhibitions.

The insurance covers a wide spectrum of art objects beyond the conventional forms of painting and sculpture, wine, antique, rare book, jewellery and musical instrument, for which a traditional home insurance policy may not cover.

Tailor-made cover to meet your needs

Private Collectors
Offers a comprehensive All Risks cover for art, collectible wine and musical instruments which are located at home, office, storage place and/or during transit around the world. The policy also extends to cover newly acquired items, temporary removal for framing or restoration. The insurance claim settlement includes the depreciation in value after loss, pairs and sets, and emergency evacuation.

Corporate Collectors
Offers specialized All Risks cover for corporate art collections on Agreed Value basis.

Specially tailored for art galleries, dealers, auction houses and fair organizers, to cover items while on the premises or when temporarily removed from the art fairs of exhibitions.

Offers a comprehensive protection for collection exhibitions either within the museum premises or outside of the country.

Offers a comprehensive coverage for every aspect of risks such as during packing and unpacking, installation and de-installation, transit and exhibition in local country or overseas.

Value-Added Services
AXA Art provides the following at no additional cost!
  • Valuation service
  • Loss prevention advice
  • Art specialist survey
  • Shipping, warehousing advice
  • Conservation advice

All of our insurance proposals are customized to meet the individual and corporate needs of our customers.